The Gates of Hell in Philadelphia, PA
For the past few years, I've been posting pictures and writing about my visits to various oddities of culture, art, history, and nature across the country and world to my website OddThingsIveSeen.com. O.T.I.S., for short.

Stuff like the grave of a Jack the Ripper suspect, anti-gravity markers, a lunatic asylum converted to an upscale apartment complex, the mall where George Romero filmed "Dawn of the Dead," the Jim Henson memorial, an Irish crypt full of mummies, a shipwreck stranded on a beach for the past century, a drive-through animal safari, a gigantic glacial erratic, a ghost town above a perennially burning coal fire, Dan Aykroyd. Anything that sticks out to me as interesting and that I've had a chance to see or experience firsthand. Basically, O.T.I.S. takes the place of memory for me.

The site also features regular odd news updates. Not the baby-born-with-kitten-siamesed-to-its-scalp kind of odd news, but timely news stories about odd sites and attractions like museum exhibits, archaeological discoveries, art installations, tourist spots, natural phenomena, etc.

If you dig any of that type of stuff, definitely drop by for a perusal...and then introduce yourself when you get the chance. See you there.