Walking in a Wicked Wonderland

October 28, 2011 — Sorry to post about this again, but I just can’t shake the October snow from the shoulders of my vampire cape. At this point, it’s all melted, but they’re predicting an actual snowstorm this weekend for my neck of the woods, which is really going to hurt the skimpy costume quotient of our local Halloween parties and make all the ghosts extremely hard to pick out.

All my pics from last night’s snowfall are, naturally, night pics. But my wife woke up early this morning to get some pretty awesome daytime shots of the October snow paying its respects at our neighboring graveyards (here’s her Tumblr for more of her Fall pics from this year). I thought I’d go ahead and post them here and push back Buffy for yet another day. I should probably just start writing about her Christmas episode, I guess.

With the impending white-out, it’s certainly shaping up to be a weird weekend. Like weirder than the “normal weird” of children dressed as psycho killers asking strangers for candy. I might have to throw a few extra candles in the jack-o-lanterns to keep up my Halloween spirit. At the very least I’ll be practicing on working the phrase, “a snowball’s chance in Halloween” into my lingual repertoire.

Still, these pictures make the strange harmony of snow and autumn foliage a difficult thing to deny.

A steaming tree...


Beautiful fotos. Thank your wife!! I miss the colorful leaves.

Wow! Nicely done!

Here in the UK it's been unseasonably warm, though there was a bit of snow in Northern Ireland and Scotland earlier this month. That is all set to change come November and the prediction is cold and lots of it. There isn't much fall colour here, either. No reds or purples. I did see a display in a window of three really cool jack-o-lanterns but on the whole not much Halloweening gets done here, not like back home. And you can forget about Thanksgiving. I don't even get turkey pot pie during November. I've been reading your blog just to get into the spirit of the season. Thanks for your time and effort! It's been spooky.

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