Trick-or-Treating the Web II: 25 More Links to Halloween 2011

October 2, 2011 — We are officially in October, which means that neither the service providers that have implanted tracking cookies on your hard drive nor that nosy ex who installed a keylogger on your computer can make fun of you for having an online history full of pages about the creepy, the spooky, the eerie, the funereal, the monstrous, and the downright disturbing.

I've already posted a blog entry with 25 Halloween-relevant links this year, but there is just tons of spooky stuff that needs disseminating. I'll be posting more links on the Facebook page throughout this month of the macabre, so be sure to drop by there during those moments when your favorite sites haven't refreshed their content fast enough for you.

Seriously, though, the web is like in my top ten place to celebrate Halloween. Here's the proof:

1. FEARnet's Post Mortem with Mick Garris is a great series of short video interviews with horror genre directors and actors.

2. Times Square in New York gets a year-round multi-faceted spook attraction called, naturally enough, Times Scare.

3. A video that explains how to make a movie-quality corpse from a store-bought skeleton.

4. A repository of blogs that are all doing a Halloween countdown in October.

5. A crocodile turns Halloween colors after attacking a filter in its water tank in an Australia animal park.

6. A publicity image of the cast of Tim Burton's upcoming Dark Shadows movie adaption in costume, including Johnny Depp as vampire Barnaby Collins.

7. We all started out as fetuses, including Cthulhu.

8. A scarecrow competition in Ireland, origin place of Halloween.

9. An interview with special effects legend Rick Baker.

10. Astronomer finds scientific evidence to back up Mary Shelley's account of her inspiration for Frankenstein.

11. Horror film exhibit opens at the EMP Museum in Seattle, WA.

12. A photo gallery of one of St. Louis's premier haunted attractions, The Darkness.

13. 1,800-year-old witch grave found in Tuscany, Italy.

14. 1,300-year-old Zombie graves found in Ireland. Apparently, they're called revenants there.

15. A history of map monsters from that guy with the Jeopardy! record.

16. An interview with director John Landis about movie monsters in advance of his new book Monsters in the Movies.

18. Creator of Boston's Spooky World to auction off his large collection of macabre and spooky stuff over Columbus Day weekend.

19. A pretty comprehensive television schedule for  horror movies being shown in October. Sure, you can watch them on DVD, OnDemand, Netflix streaming, etc., but you'll miss all the Halloween commercials.

20. The Poe House and Museum in Baltimore, MD, still facing imminent closure.

21. A look at the Alice Cooper haunted attraction at this year's Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.

22. Rod Serling's hometown paints various tributes to the Twilight Zone on an historic carousel located in a park that inspired one of its earlier episodes. Recently saw this myself, and it's pretty cool.

23. Cool Fark comment thread of people discussing their favorite Halloween movies and specials for kids.

24. Matt at X-E reviews a 1990s-era wolfman action figure from a bootleg series of classic monster toys.

25. King's Dominion amusement park in Virginia nabs Guinness world record by getting more than 1,000 people to dress up as vampires at the same time.


This is a great compilation! Thanks for putting it together!

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