Medium? Well… Part 2

September 24, 2011 — So by this time in the reading (See Part 1), it became obvious that she hadn’t done any homework on me. A large percent of my life can be found online, after all. But I was learning from the reading. For instance, that I say definitely a lot, especially when I don’t mean definitely; that I was really rooting for her to be right, not for my own benefit, but for hers; and that I was trying my hardest to make connections with what she was saying, no matter how tenuous, because, well it was kind of fun and appeals to the basic vanity of talking about oneself. I also couldn’t resist turning some of the session into an interview, even though it was on my dime. Hundreds of my dimes, actually.

ME: So what does that mean, “advance spiritually”?

LDM: Well, you know, these things that we do here are things of the earth, you know, having alcohol or cigarettes or coffee. In the spirit world, we don’t need those things. But it’s an emotional attachment. So our soul is composed of our thinking mind and our feelings, okay? So those feelings of addiction don’t really go away overnight just because we die, all right? Because our soul, that part of us that is part of the divine, part of the Christ consciousness or the breath of God, so to speak, still, we’re the same person when we pass over as we are here.

ME: But we’re not supposed to have…

LDM: But we want to release the things of the Earth.

ME: The earthly things. Got it.

LDM: Yeah, except for love. Love is different. So that’s one thing that I can tell you about the spirit side that I learned through my mediumship. That we’re never ripped away from anything that is meaningful for us. The other thing I could tell you…is this of interest to you?

ME: Yeah, fascinated by it.

LDM: Good, good. The other thing I could tell you is, you know, there are people like Charles Dahmer [sic], Adolph Hitler, you could probably name more others than I could think of, that we consider to be totally evil. We wouldn’t want to be around these people. So they die, and we don’t want to think that we are in the same club as they are, the same level that they are. We’re above them. They were bad; we are good, okay? That’s how we kind of like to think of it.

So on the spirit side of life, they go to an area of the spirit world that you would consider to be lacking completely in nourishment, okay? Dim light, no greenery, nothing beautiful, nothing, just a place where evil dwells. In spiritualism we believe in the Law of Thought, so people who think the same way are attracted together. So those types of people would go to a place in the spirit world where there is nothing, and they, too, know that they can’t grow until they start to come to grips with some of the things that they have done, okay, and realize that where they are is not a good place, you know, that there are better places, and that they need to learn and grow.

So, in a sense, they’re at a lower vibration, a lower place…

ME: So in spiritualism, the spirit world is a process, right?

LDM: In a sense, yeah.

ME: Because usually the traditional way religion thinks about it is as a destination, right? It’s like…you’re there, like heaven or whatever.

LDM: In a way, it’s a destination, too, because you can still have the same experiences, just like that woman having a cigarette and smoking a cup of coffee [sic]. So she’s having an experience, but it’s an earthly experience, and she has to realize that, “Wait a minute, I have to let go of some of these things if I’m going to and see what else I can attain on the spirit side.

ME: Gotcha.

LDM: Does that kind of make any sense?

ME: It does. Yeah, I can see a system around it. So what happens…so this “letting go” that needs to happen, this post-death “letting go,” is it a bad situation for that soul to be in if they don’t let go? If they kind of…

LDM: Well, I think they just…my impression is when I saw her here is that sooner or later it will be like, “Well, is this all there is, you know, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee?” Because they can’t really move from that place until they sort of say, “Well, there’s got to be more than this.” And so they get an understanding that when they’re ready to let go, then they can move forward into different experiences, you know, because even people who are Fundamentalists, let’s say, Methodists, or Christians, when they pass they’ll go to a situation where they can experience their religion in the same way that they did here. Until they get to the point where they say, “Well, there’s got to be more than this.” Do you know what I mean?

ME: That definitely makes a sense, yeah.

LDM: It’s kind of like what we do on the Earth plane, too. We say, “Wait a minute, there’s got to be more than this,” and we struggle with it, we try to find a way to move forward, you know, and so it’s very similar there. It’s just we’re doing it without a physical brain, a physical body, but we have the sensation of such.

I love it when people come through who had Alzheimer’s, you know, and they’ll say to me, “You know what? I don’t have a brain anymore, so I’m fine.” You know? It’s so cool. The first time I head that, I was like, “Wow, that’s so cool.” The brain really trapped the mind in a place where it couldn’t articulate on the Earth plain, but once it loses that brain, then the mind-to-mind connection can go on.

I just all of a sudden got a caterpillar in front of you, I don’t know, maybe it’s your sweater that triggered that thought, ‘cause…

ME: It’s new. First time I’ve worn it.

LDM: Oh is it? It kind of looks like a caterpillar, don’t you think, with those stripes? I think that that’s what it was about because I’m wondering, “Why would I see a caterpillar in front of you?”

But you know, Jason, I feel like you have very powerful dreams. Do you have dreams that remain with you for a period of time?

ME: Yeah.

The sweater in question.
LDM: Yeah, because as I was linking with you, with the caterpillar part, I felt that when you go to work on a problem, you carry it with you all through the day. It might be back here [motioning to the back of her head], but you carry it with you and I feel like your mind is like working on it, like a little mini-computer kind of thing, you know. You love…it’s like a day without thinking is like a day without sunshine for you, okay. You love that thinking process.

And so when you go to bed at night, that’s when you come up with a lot of solutions, with a lot of thoughts around it. I’d encourage you to get a little notebook, and just when you wake up in the morning, just jot down the date, or actually you could put the date down the night before the following day. And when you wake up in the morning, just jot down any feelings, thoughts, or impressions that you might have. It doesn’t have to be a great, big, long, drawn-out thing. Just very, very short, quick, and then don’t think about it, move onto the next day. Because I feel like you’re going to trigger within yourself a problem-solving dream state.

ME: That’s definitely something I’ve never done. My process usually is to fall asleep thinking about something. That’s how I work on something.

LDM: Yeah, yeah. And so, they’re just saying just keep the book, because you might jot it down and then a month later, two months later, three months later, say, “I think I remember writing that thing down,” and going back through the book, all right, on a problem that you might not even be aware that you would be working on two or three months down the line, okay? It’s like it’ll come to you before you even are aware of it. Now won’t that be cool.

ME: It definitely would be.

LDM: That definitely would be cool. I’m kind of blown away by that. So, I don’t know who’s telling me this, but…

ME: It’s not the caterpillar?

LDM: No, it’s not the caterpillar, no. The caterpillar was just a connecting thought.

ME: Is that hard to tell the difference between those two? Like just regular impressions, everybody gets those, that pop into their minds, just like references to things, and actual, like, communications?

LDM: Well, what I have done as a medium, I’ve said to the spirit world, when I’m sitting down with somebody, and I said my prayer, then anything that I smell, taste, see, hear belongs to that person. So I do my best not to censure [sic] it, okay? Just as an example, I was with one lady, and I saw a giraffe over top of her, a giraffe’s head. Turned out her father-in-law had a giraffe’s head in his study when he was on the Earth plane. So that’s why I never censor it. Because it might seem ridiculous to me, but be very meaningful to the person…

ME: Like if you just saw a giraffe on TV the day before or something like that?

LDM: Pardon me?

ME: Like if you’d seen a dead giraffe like the day before on TV that could interfere…it would be easy for you to discount the image, right?

LDM: Well, that’s why I trust it because it’s up to that person. If it means something to that person, then it’s a good thing. If it doesn’t mean anything, it’s like, “Okay, well, we’ll move on,” and sometimes the person will not recognize that at the time, but two or three months later or a year later, all of a sudden they’ll be like, “Oh, for heaven’s sakes, of course, my Uncle Bill always collected caterpillars, you know, he was an insect collector or something, you know? And so it was like just a little dig that came through to say, “Hi, I’m here.”

Just want to make sure the tape is on [checks recorder].
So I do feel good luck with you, and, you know there’s a saying that we make our own good luck, you know, so I believe that you do make you own good luck, but I also feel there’s a good luck part to you. It’s like you know the right place to be at the right time. Do you notice that at times?

ME: Uh, I’d have to think about that. I’m not sure.

LDM: Because I feel luck around you about being where you need to be at the right time, and it’s kind of a sense of psychic awareness. It’s outside of your understanding, but you’re still, up here [motions to the air above us], you’re getting it.

Okay, time goes by fast. So do you have any particular questions on our mind other than the spirit world?

ME: Uh, maybe if we can touch on that enterprise thing, the side project.

LDM: The side thing, okay. Yes, because I see your name, Jason whatever your last name is, enterprises, and there seems to be a lot of inventiveness or creativity around it. And when you get into a book, it’s almost impossible to get you out of that book, you know, it’s like you’re right in it completely, your mind is in it, so is this mostly study books of some sort or reference books?

ME: Uh, kind of, there’s definitely…the books, they’re not technically reference books, but I’m using them as references, if that makes sense.

LDM: Yes, yes. Good. Because I feel you’re just totally immersed in it, so as I go to this enterprise…there’s the caterpillar back again. Okay. So what is about the…what do we know about a caterpillar. A caterpillar is born, it’s fuzzy, it’s striped, it builds a cocoon, and it emerges as a butterfly…and it’s a thing of beauty…and the whole process is actually quite magical to us as human beings, you know, that a caterpillar goes in there and emerges as a…it’s miraculous, it’s awesome, it’s awe-inspiring, so I don’t know if this is the theme of the caterpillar that you want to keep with you, all right, about your enterprise, you know, so maybe there’s going to be something that is going to change for you, all right, that will change you from the caterpillar to the butterfly, but it feels like something awesome that you’re moving towards, so that’s all I can say about that because it’s come back twice so I got to say it’s got some sort of significance to you.

So would you do consultations or consulting work with this enterprise system?

ME: No, but I do do it. I do it in my regular job, but I’ve also done it in my free time, as well, so…

LDM: Do you do it for money?

ME: Yes.

LDM: And do you claim it, or claim your deductions and you set it up all properly?

ME: Yes.

LDM: Okay.

ME: I have an LLC.

LDM: Yeah, so this might be growing, this thing might take on a life of its own and kind of grow with you. I don’t feel any rush about it, you know? I just feel that it might just…you come to a realization that, “Wow, this is almost doing better than my normal job.” I don’t know exactly why.

And then, again, the lab thing comes up…so…are you an inventor?

ME: No.

LDM: What is it you do, computers?

ME: In my actual job?

LDM: Yeah.

ME: It’s more creative side, it’s strategy and marketing.

LDM: Strategy and marketing. Well, something’s going to take on a life of its own, and it’s going to be changing. Something in there, I don’t know what. Now the company that you work with, I feel like they’ve been around for eons. They’ve been around for a long time, is this correct?

ME: Eh, about a decade.

LDM: About a decade.

ME: I’ve only been with them for six months.

[Session timer goes off.]

LDM: Did they start out originally as something else and then change into this, or…

ME: Kind of, yeah, definitely haven’t always been this.

LDM: Right, okay. I just feel very solid with the company you’re with. That they’ve established themselves. I feel very solid with them, okay? They’ve put down roots, they’ve got something solid, which I do feel appeals to you, and also takes away from you having to deal with the nitty gritty of stuff. It’s like, they can do all the…worry about things, and I’ll just do my job, so that’s something that appeals to you also. Yeah, I don’t know what I want to say about that.

I think you’re on the right track is really the strongest thing. I feel good with the enterprises, I feel like it’s going to take on a life of its own…and I don’t know if you’ve got another child on the way…

ME: Not that I know of.

LDM: Will could you just remember that I said it? Because I’m feeling a child around you. Number two, I guess.

So, the bell has rung. Is there anything you were hoping to hear that you did not?

ME: No.

LDM: I felt like it went by like that [snaps fingers] to me.

ME: Me too, me too. Yeah, I wouldn’t say I had any expectations, really, so I wasn’t coming here looking for something definite or a certain attitude or anything like that. I was totally just interested in everything.

And that’s pretty much how it ended. With “feeling a child around you.” I told her I was satisfied with the experience (although what I meant by satisfied was far different than how she took it), she recommended a book to me about the afterlife that had been “channeled” called Life in a World Unseen by Anthony Borgia, and then I went out to tag in my wife, who also wanted to go through it because we’re both gluttons for awkwardness.

But she can transcribe her own encounter. My fingers are falling off.

Why didn’t you just post the audio? Because shut up.


lol. Because shut up.

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